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Our body of research, having now reached critical mass, is ready for putting together into the form of an educational programme - Understanding through Shakespeare.


Understanding through Shakespeare


The overall aim of this work is to ask one question;  what can we understand, and learn from, Shakespeare's Work, Life, and Afterlife, that will help us better live our own lives? A big question. 


Our learning education programme has a number of approaches for students: -


1  Coming to terms with the World around us


  • Political situations e.g.

    • Brexit / Referendum
    • Wars
    • Right v Left
    • Global
  • Change in Society 
    • Digital revolution
    • Social Media
    • Global
    • Role of the individual


2  Developing Ourselves


  • Our Psychology

    • emotions

    • Drivers

  • Relationships


3  Understanding Humanity


  • Shakespeare as the Model of Humanity

  • Carrying on his work


The Course


Further details will be posted as the course is developed.