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Living Shakespeare

Living Shakespeare is the second focus of our work, and the emphasis here is getting to a better understanding of Shakespeare's work, both for our own work and also for anyone who is interested in what Shakespeare can offer us.


We do this in the following ways:



A series of one day workshops held in spaces throughout Birmingham such as Blue Orange Theatre, Old Joint Stock Theatre, theWorkshop, and St.Paul's Church.


Topics have included:-


  • Speaking not speeching Shakespeare

  • Hamlet: underneath the text

  • Women in Hamlet

  • King Lear: Cordelia & the Fool

  • Shakespeare stripped back

  • NTI Workshops-New Drama inspired by Shakespeare


Play reading sessions and seeing Shakespeare productions

Every week we meet as a group and read through one of Shakespeare's plays. Each person takes turns reading a character's 'thought' and at the end of each beat we discuss what we have found, any problems, how Shakespeare goes about his craft, what the lines say to us individually etc. We encourage everyone to relate the words to their own personal and society experiences.


As a group we also arrange to see Shakespeare productions in and around Birmingham. Sometimes the productions are the plays as written by Shakespeare, but we are really keen to see new plays that explore characters/themes/stories coming out of the original Shakespeare plays.


Upcoming Events . . .


Fortnightly Tuesday Sessions - 18:30 to 21:00, Birmingham & Midland Institute, Margaret Street, B3 3BS.